Think Disruptive

How do we work? How do we disrupt? What type of people do we hire? All the questions you wanted answers to.

Who is Trilogy?

Trilogy is one of the largest privately held enterprise software companies. Post 2008, Trilogy has been acquiring Enterprise Software firms, turning them around and aligning them to deliver phenomenal value for enterprise customers. Trilogy actively hired from all top engineering colleges in India (IIT, NIT, NSIT, Anna Univ, etc) from 2000- 2008. Trilogy was THE dream company for every Engineering graduate with strong background in Computer Science.

Visit www.trilogy.com

What is Trilogy’s culture like?
Trilogy’s hiring philosophy is ‘Only the best’. Trilogy’s great people brought about tremendous value to its clients by solving their hardest business problems with technology. Trilogy has been rated among the Top 3 most entrepreneurial company alumni networks. Trilogeans have gone on to found some very exciting companies, and also are in CXO positions in many others. See this recent article on FounderDating.com about Trilogy’s entrepreneurial alumni network.


What is DevFactory?
Trilogy hived off its R&D activities to a division called DevFactory, which was incorporated as a separate entity in Dubai in 2008. Trilogy and DevFactory are part of the same group of companies and share the same top management.

What does DevFactory do?
DevFactory is probably the world’s first and only software factory. We are disrupting the way enterprise software is created by adopting a factory-style model for development and delivery. DevFactory has been built ground up on the basis of innovative processes and tools that are our Intellectual Property (IP). We manage massive scale yet provide great cost savings and high quality in our work. This is, by the way, the complete opposite of conventional software development, where scale often leads to quality issues, cost and time overruns. Besides above, DevFactory also does development for 30+ Enterprise products that Trilogy has acquired over the last few years.

Who are DevFactory’s clients?
Fortune 500 companies. DevFactory’s products help solve the biggest and most complex problems for Fortune 500 companies’ CTOs and CIOs.

What are DevFactory’s products?
We have over 30 products. Some examples are Gensym, Prologic, Accept Software, Artemis and the products under the Versata banner. Versata is a Trilogy company. For more information, visit www.versata.com

What technologies do you use?
The 30+ products span all technologies, be it Java, C++, C#, Lisp etc…. Engineers have chance to choose whatever technologies suit them best.

I read some negative reviews online. Can you explain that please?

In order to fulfill our work, we hire a large number of contractors as well. This network of contractors is over 1500 strong and works seamlessly to generate great value for our customers as a global team. However, like in any organization, there is always a small percentage of disgruntled employees. Traditionally, companies manage their reputation online using brute force of SEO and flood the internet with articles about themselves. This results in bad reviews getting lower page rankings.

DevFactory, however is not able to put out a large number of articles for two reasons:
1. Any discussion about our processes would mean sharing parts of our IP in public. This IP has been painstakingly developed after years of research and learning. Exposing these in public would mean erosion of our competitive advantage.

2. We solve some of hardest problems for some of the largest companies in the world. Our clients would not want to publicize these problems and have comprehensive non-disclosure agreements with us that disallows using their names as clients. We are also bound to not discuss the type of sensitive work we do for them.

So, we could have chosen to populate the Internet with meaningless articles for the pure purpose of SEO. Such a method consumes a lot of time and energy, and frankly not quite right. We would rather choose to spend all our efforts and time in continuously creating value for our customers through innovation.

Why did Trilogy close operations in India?
Trilogy did extremely well in the enterprise software domain and today is one of the largest privately held enterprises. It attracted the best talent both from top campuses and industry. At Trilogy, we think disruptively and passionate about keeping a competitive edge in everything we do. The year 2008 saw a wave in outsourcing and Trilogy loved to experiment in this newly created global eco-system. We then closed our India entity and ensured that we offer all the great talent we had on our rolls as consultants. We also set up a separate outsourcing partner network. In five years, we experimented and had a huge learning that got us to start DevFactory (Development arm of Trilogy) in India and do what we do BEST which is spot and hire the best technical talent and solve some of the largest problems in the enterprise space. Trilogy is now an equity company, and DevFactory is what Trilogy was before in 2000-2008.