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We are disrupting the way Enterprise Software is built.
We are looking for the next wave of disruptors and innovators to join us.

Company Overview

DevFactory emerged from the engineering group of Trilogy Inc, one of the largest privately held software companies worldwide. Trilogy’s work solving the most challenging configuration and pricing challenges for large, complex organizations has earned it a reputation for innovation among Fortune 500 clients. DevFactory was born when large Trilogy clients required innovation in the development and maintenance of their large services engagements.

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The Factory Model

DevFactory has managed to mend work processes, cast appropriate plans, mold employees to utilize their full potential, weld infrastructures to make them robust and slice out areas of lapse. Having worked with many companies, some in the Fortune 500 league, DevFactory is constantly looking forward to cutting costs, empowering systems and creating a self dependent assembly line to produce in great volumes without having to spend or lose too much money.

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Only the Best

Our people solve the toughest problems of the world’s largest organisation by disrupting the way these problems are conventionally solved. It takes ‘Only the Best’ minds to be able to fit into the DevFactory model of enterprise software development.

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How we work

Working at DevFactory is an enriching experience. Here are some insights from key people at DevFactory about what it takes...

Rewarding automation

Using the same principle as Henry Ford, DevFactory adapted the assembly line methodology when it came to creating software solutions....

The Aline platform

All DevFactory software is built on a revolutionary assembly-line platform called ALINE. ALINE manages the flow of work in the...

“Let the future tell the truth, let the present be disrupted”