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Accelerated learning

They say that after Henry Ford adopted the assembly line model, he could produce a car in 93 minutes. The growth induced into an individual when he or she starts working at DevFactory has a similar effect. The transparent, friendly and thought provoking atmosphere at DevFactory has essentially produced some of the best minds in the industry. 

Driving efficiency

Providing solutions to better mold a system and make it work to its fullest potential denotes that we ourselves should be a living example of what we are trying to provide. Our people, like our solutions, are constantly chasing the holy grail of perfection. Working at DevFactory will let you experience the pinnacle of true efficiency. In the process, you will take pride in what you achieve on a daily basis.

Big Responsibility

DevFactory fully invests in each and every one of our people. Since every cog is important for a mechanism to function, every employee here will have the responsibility to oversee and control something that has a direct impact on the bigger picture. People here create little miracles each day and enjoy creating them.

Entrepreneurial culture

Since the beginning, Trilogy has been proven to be the ideal nurturing ground for the leaders of tomorrow. A look into many Fortune 500 companies will reveal that the people in the highest rungs of the company have something to do with Trilogy. A

Article: Trilogy in Top 10 most entrepreneurial company alumni networks.

Exceptional rewards

DevFactory offers industry best compensation.


“Behind every all nighter, is a coding marathon.”