What it takes

Here are some tips on what it takes to succeed at DevFactory

How we work

Working at DevFactory is an enriching experience. Here are some insights from key people at DevFactory about what it takes to make it big here.

Rahul on what’s expected

  •  You will be working with some of the smartest people around the globe – be a sponge, and learn.
  • Expect to be pushed way beyond your comfort zone, that’s when you will learn the most.
  • You will have to really have to rough it out, but at the end, the results and solutions you create will give you satisfaction like no other.
  • The most important advice to anyone starting a career here is to learn to make decisions and not rely on someone else to make them for you. It is the single most important quality of leadership. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Vaibhav on what it takes

  • Get clarity of thought early in life, to steer yourself and the work you do in the right direction.
  • There must be passion to deliver value in every little thing you do.
  • An absolute must is dedication to work and to not be afraid  to work harder. Constant evolution of oneself is key to quick growth.