Rewarding automation

Figure out a way to get things done faster. Figure out a way to automate a process. Get rewarded for enterprising initiatives.

Rewarding automation

Using the same principle as Henry Ford, DevFactory adapted the assembly line methodology when it came to creating software solutions. Breaking away from the archaic ways of functioning, we created a system that was purely based on the work done and the results achieved. This approach proved ideal in companies streamlining their processes and finally reaching a balance where scaling up meant spending less. At DevFactory, any member that can effectively optimize a certain part of our process is supported.

A few examples of the automated tools that we have created:

Code FireWall

The code firewall sums up the DevFactory philosophy. It is a tool that prevents bad code to be checked in, thereby not allowing the code quality to decrease. Whenever a new code is added, code firewall automatically checks the  quality metrics for the new code, compares it with the quality metrics of the current code and if the newer code has lower metrics than existing code, it rejects the new code. All these calculations and comparison happen in real time, so the person trying to add the code gets the feedback and can make the necessary changes.

The CloudBurst Test

This immaculately designed device helps to get automatic test cases to execute faster, thereby increasing the speed of development and testing and hence significantly enhances developer efficiency. It does so by automatically executing tests in parallel, rather than serially. As a result, hundreds of tests finish in minutes, rather than waiting for hours.

Why we automate heavily

Think of working without robots in factories and the importance of automation becomes evident. We heavily automate all our processes in our software development projects, so that the resulting huge benefits can translate into increased profitability for our clients. Automation of software development on huge enterprise software projects helps by:

  • Breaking down complexities
  • Reducing cost and human error
  • Ensuring a high level of consistency
  • Providing vividly detailed information
  • Drastically cutting down the turnaround time